*in partnership with the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) and the European Microscopy Society (EMS)

Chair: Prof Anna Baldycheva (University of Exeter)

This 2 day symposium will focus on an emerging field of microscopy; the in-situ characterisation of novel nanophotonic and optoelectronic systems and devices. Internationally known experts in the field of novel photonic and optoelectronic material development will join the symposium to discuss the most critical technological insights, discoveries and new practical applications in microscopy and micro-spectroscopy characterisation of metamaterials, plasmonic and photonic crystal materials.

The symposium will cover fundamental techniques such as optical microscopy, TEM, SEM, AFM, Raman, and FTIR for a wide range of possible applications, from chemistry and material fabrication to nanophotonic and optoelectronic systems engineering. The conference will also include workshop with hands-on demonstrations and possibility to test participant’s samples on-site.

The symposium topics will include:

2D materials

IV element-based photonic materials and devices

Chalcogenide materials

Quantum Dots and Nanowires

Organic materials

Liquid Crystals and Fluid Nanocomposites