Chair: Dr. Andrei Gorodetsky (Imperial College London)

This 2 day symposium will focus on an emerging material-related areas of THz research; new approaches to material characterization with THz radiation, novel materials for THz transceivers and modulators, novel photonic THz systems and devices.

Internationally known experts in the THz field will join the symposium to discuss the most critical technological insights, discoveries and new practical applications.

The symposium will cover photonic and optoelectronic THz technology aspects, including but not limited to new photonic and optoelectronic THz sources, detectors, modulators, novel approaches in THz imaging and spectroscopy, and systems engineering.

The symposium topics will include:

Photoconductive Antennas and Photomixers

Optical pump – THz probe spectroscopy

THz imaging

THz microscopy

Nanophotonics for THz

THz metamaterials and Metasurfaces